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They shed all year round. A little 10 second swipe will REDUCE germs, but maybe not disinfect. Our vac plugged constantly until I started using a stainless tang slicker brush. It is improbable that anyone will spend 30 and seconds on each square inch of the carpeting with a steamer. I put on hands and knees and pull toward me and can eliminate pretty much all of the pet hair.

The REAL issue is probably beneath the surface where steam does not permeate anyway. When the slicker gets full, it’s not hard to eliminate. John previously has it right! An EPA Certified Sanitizer, correctly implemented, it the only PROVEN way to sanitize carpeting. Our vertical cheapie vac will get rid of any residual hair and does not clog.

Nowadays, there are no approved methods to disinfect three distinct surfaces, like fabrics and carpeting, just sanitize these surfaces. Only get the large size slicker brush. Sanitization denotes the reduction of bacteria found, whilst disinfection refers to killing all organisms on a surface. You will be amazed at how simple it is, plus the arm exercise is an excess benefit.

A disinfectant, is a compound that completely destroys all types of organisms. Perhaps the foam kind, who knows; may work. From a legal perspective, disinfectants must reduce the level of pathogenic bacteria by 99.9%, through a time frame of greater than 5 minutes but less than 10 minutes. There’s a new type of washable lint rolling brush which has a gummy feel to it. A sanitizer, by comparison, is a compound that lowers the amount of micro-organisms to a secure level. It works because this spray has a scraper comb attached, so I scrape the hairs up.

It does not have to eliminate 100% of organisms to work. It functions nicely. Sanitizers don’t kill viruses and fungi. I’ve got a german shepherd dog, also a man that sheds continuously, but I’ve consistently used baking soda to freshen a room.

In a food service scenario, the sanitizer must also reduce the bacteria count by 99.9% and are needed to kill infectious organisms within 30 minutes. That gave me an idea; I purchased a cheap squeegee broom, vacuumed, then put the baking soda on and scraped the squeegee broom over the carpet, and I saw these long ropes of hair being pulled upward. I think besides steam cleaning with vinegar, the carpet can be let dry for a couple of days. I went over the carpet in another direction and got the exact same thing! After vacuuming all of this stuff up, my carpet looks refreshed!

In full absence of moisture, germs have a tendency to expire in a couple of days. I attempted the fabric softener thing, although it didn’t function in addition to the squeegee broom, it did make my own living room and sun room smell fantastic! I’d suggest turning the heat up if it’s winter or having a toaster with air conditioning in summer. A much cheaper and better pet vacuum is available, it’s the pet hair eraser produced by Bissel. I’d check with a germs expert to observe how long of a dry spell it would require certain kinds of germs to die. I Home Carpet Cleaners site used the Dyson first and nearly filled the canister, so I then immediately utilized the Bissel and had to stop double and empty the Bissel.

Just wondering however, even with no parasitic disease, how clean can a carpeting be where a dog, having peed and pooped outdoors comes and sits around everyday with the exact same unwashed behind. Also has pet hair attachments. In this situation, you’d immediately take your infant to a hospital or physician that will treat him/her and make sure they are in good health first.